Ronnie and Phil Spector’s Christmas card photo, 1968

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Title: Try Some Buy Some Artist: Ronnie Spector 79 plays


Try Some Buy Some | Ronnie Spector

In 1971 George Harrison wrote songs for Ronnie Spector’s proposed solo album to be released on the Beatles’ Apple Records label. The album was never finished and the recorded songs, with the exception of one single “Try Some Buy Some” and its B-Side “Tandoori Chicken” have never been released. The single reached 77 on the Billboard Hot 100 for only four weeks. Ronnie later admitted that it was difficult for her to understand the meaning of the song.


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Ronnie Spector sweater guard


Bruce with Ronnie Spector

Title: Paradise Artist: The Ronettes 303 plays


The Ronettes - Paradise

Listening to this as the sunrises is a beautiful way to start the day!


45 picture sleeve and sheet music for The Ronettes’ 1965 single “Is This What I Get For Loving You?” on Philles Records.


The Ronettes with Phil Spector during the recording session for “A Christmas Gift for You From Phillies Records” album at Gold Star Studios in Los Angeles, 1963

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Title: The Memory Artist: The Ronettes 95 plays


The Memory | The Ronettes