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Ronnie Spector // Amy Winehouse

"She made me feel that what I did mattered." - Ronnie

The Ronettes were the hottest girl group in the world, and early in 1963 they’d just released on of the greatest songs ever recorded, “Be my baby,” produced by Phil Spector. We toured with the Ronettes on our second UK tour and I fell in love with Ronnie Bennett, who was the lead singer. She was twenty years old and she was extraordinary, to hear, to look at, to be with. I fell in love with her silently, and she fell in love with me. She was as shy as I was, so there wasn’t a lot of communication, but there sure was love. It all had to be kept very quiet because Phil Spector was and notoriously remained a man of prodigious jealousy. She had to be in her room all the tie in case Phil called. And I think he quickly got a whiff that Ronnie and I were getting on, and he would call people and tell them to stop Ronnie seeing anybody after the show. Mick had cottoned to her sister Estelle, who was not so tightly chaperoned…. She later told me that Phil was jealous of my abundant barnet [London slang for hair].

Keith Richards in his memoir “Life”

Ronnie in concert, late ’70s

David Bowie and Ronnie Spector at an after-party for the 1976 Grammy awards, photo found by Jim Laspesa


Bruce with Ronnie Spector


Ronnie Spector // January Babe of the Month

Ronnie Spector is often referred to as the “Bad Girl of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” mainly because she survived a gold-coffin imprisonment disguised as a marriage to Phil Spector. Before and after that, however, she helped define the quintessential girl group aesthetic with her powerhouse voice, mile-high beehive, eyeliner and short skirts. Even today, she continues to be the dream girl of fans and fellow musicians. Bottom line: Ronnie is a timeless babe.